CBD For The People ***ALL NEW Uncut Wax Cartridges 1000mg (x3) 81% CBD!!! (Choose Flavors)


The X3 is our flagship cartridge, with potency over 80% and
effectiveness like you wouldn’t believe. We’ve been trying to make this
puppy happen for the better part of a year, but we kept running into one
pesky little snag: Chemistry. (What a jerk, amirite?)

Turns out the CBD molecule is really big and likes to crystallize at
concentrations over 60%, and there isn’t a dang thing you can do about
it. Any attempts to make a cartridge stronger than our game-changing X2
ended up with wax that would turn into CBD rock candy, get stuck halfway
up the cartridge, refuse to flow down into the intake holes, and make us
really sad.

But fear not! For we found a way.

Enter…the Elite HEAT.

This bad boy is the grooviest 510-thread-compatible cartridge battery
you’ll ever see. It’s got all the main features of our super-rad FTP
Elite battery PLUS an awesome warming chamber that ensures even the
thickest, most crystallized cartridges can flow and provide a consistent
vaping experience.

Now you CAN use the X3 cartridge with a regular battery, but be warned –
the cartridge has to be kept upright at all times or the wax will get
stuck. You should probably be ready to bust out a hair dryer to melt the
wax down a bit just in case. If dealing with that noise isn’t your jam,
go up one paragraph and we’ve got you covered.


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Blue Cheddar, Blue Dream, Durban Sour, Grandaddy Purple, Green Cush, OG Kush, Orange Cookies, Pineapple Express, Strawnana, Super Lemon Haze, White Fire OG, White Widow