VET CBD USA Half-Gram Vape Pen Kit 300mg (Choose Flavor & Pen Color)

Halfl-Gram Vape Kit, 300mg


VET CBD USA Half-Gram Vape Pen Kit 300mg (Choose Flavor & Pen Color)


Receive a vape pen of any color with half gram cartridge of any flavor.



Our organic oil is Raw/Uncut, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. We NEVER use any cutting agents or preservatives in our Oil, NO PG/VG, NO MCT & NO PEG-400. Our oil is nothing like E-Liquid, and is chemical/additive-free, its the cleanest purest way to vape Organic CBD!

All batches of Oil are tested for over 60 Pesticides, Solvents, Herbicides & Heavy Metals.
Our Broad Spectrum Oil Contains CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDV & CBL, NO THC!
You can find Lab Results on our website.

Clean Green Certified High potency distillate oil.


Looks like cartridge is not entirely full?
Our ceramic cartridges have a small space at the top of them called headspace, where it may appear the cartridge is not completely full, we assure you it is. The cartridges are meticulously filled at .5ml or 1ml. The cartridges are a bit larger to allow for proper filling without spillage.

Our cartridges are designed not to leak.
However, if left in direct heat or sunlight they definitely can. Keep your cartridge stored upright (mouthpiece up) when not in use, and in a cool dry area. Inside hot vehicles and purses can also cause the oil to leak from the bottom of the cartridge. If a small amount leaks, you can simply detach cartridge from battery and clean connections with rubbing alcohol, then continue use.



The VET CBD USA Vape Pen is a 380mAh 510 thread vape battery with variable voltage and a convenient preheating feature.  Unlike most slim style batteries the VET CDB USA uses micro-USB charging. The preheat function applies low-level heat to the thick oil cartridge for 15 seconds to make the oil more viscous before vaping.  You can change between 3 different voltage levels to find the right setting for you.

Micro-USB Charging
Variable Voltage
Preheating Function

Battery Capacity:  380mAh
Voltage Levels:  2.7V – White, 3.1V – Blue, 3.6V – Red
Thread Type:  510 Thread
Preheat Time:  15 seconds
On/Off:  5 Clicks in 2 Seconds
Adjust Voltage:  3 Clicks
Start Preheat:  2 Clicks
Stop Preheat:  1 Click

In The Box:
1 380mAh Itsuwa Liberty Max Battery
1 Magnetic Micro-USB

Battery Button Lights:
WHITE = Low 2.7V,
BLUE = Medium 3.1V,
RED = High 3.6V.



If battery light starts blinking White when in use, it needs a charge. If vape Cartridge is not hitting normal, the battery needs to be charged. 2 hours is usually sufficient for a full charge.

How Do I Vape My Oil?
5 Clicks fast turn on/off the battery. 3 Clicks fast, will adjust voltage, the button will turn color to corresponding voltage. Our Cartridge works best in the BLUE, Or RED Voltage Setting. Hold the button down once in the desired setting, and inhale for 3-6 seconds, Hold in Vapor for 2-3 seconds, then release. Give your body time to adjust to our high potency oil! Repeat & enjoy!


Additional information

Choose Pen Color

Black, Gun-Metal, Stainless Steel

Choose Flavor

Sour Pebbles, Lemon OG, Bubblegum, Gelato