JGO Orange Creamsicle THC-P Gummy 750mg (30 Count)

JGO Orange Creamsicle THC-P Gummy 750mg


We’ve come up with the ultimate hemp gummy squares that you must try. Every bite of this properly obtained and lab-tested hemp promises high-quality psychoactive cannabinoid action. With their mouthwatering flavour and long-lasting effects, you’ll fall in love with these orange creamsicle gummy squares!

Have you heard about THC-recent P’s craze? THC-P is the industry’s newest cutting-edge cannabinoid. THC-P is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is generated from hemp.

In the cannabis realm, THC-P is said to be more potent than regular Delta 9 and can help with relaxing. JGO produced these energising sweets to investigate the effects of this recently popular cannabinoid! This 750mg pack contains 30 gummies, each of which contains 25 mg.