Sweet Wax Hemp 500mg Cart @25% Sweet. Guava.

Sweet. Guava.

Welcome to the World of Sweet Wax Hemp

Their Sweet. Guava. selection carries the subtle taste of a luxuriant tropical favorite. The flavor is delicate and fine, perhaps even a little whispered. But it is remarkable.

With no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, Sweet Wax Hempʻs Sweet. Guava. is made fresh to order…always

Inhale the subtly soft taste of guava. Exhale a leisurely tropical daydream, somewhere on a beach, and far, far away.

Cartridge Maintenance

Sweet Wax Hemp uses a cartridge that has an air hole at the bottom. If for any reason you find that the air hole has become obstructed, remove it from the pen battery, and blow hard through the cartridge mouthpiece. That should remove any obstruction. Re- attach the cartridge to the pen battery, preheat it, and enjoy.

Your Sweet Wax Hemp cartridge comes in a recyclable, travel-size CHILD-PROOF tube. Simply pinch the top of the tube at the lid where it says “squeeze,” and it will pop open. Keep the tube handy for storing your cartridge in backpacks, purses, pockets, or luggage.

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