CBDoobie’s Herbal mix includes some of the most ancient and respected botanicals found in the holistic herbal world. These handpicked organic herbs are responsibly sourced from the highest quality farms from all around the world.  Highlighted by Chamomile and Linden Leaves, their mix is optimized for the infusion of both CBD and terpenes. Your customers will keep coming back for more!

*Only the purest 99.7% pharmaceutical grade CBD, with food-grade organic terpenes, creating a powerful yet calming entourage effect for your consumers.

*CBDoobie’s infusion process is a trade secret, and each batch of CBDoobie mix takes 12 hours complete.

*CBDoobie does not spray, sprinkle or use shortcuts in the CBD/terpene infusion process, ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience for your customers.

CBDoobie Jack Herer 60mg

CBDoobie’s Jack Herer:  This Sativa Dominant strain was is one of the most popular world wide.  Jack Herer is highlighted by its piney and earthy tastes, and its effects are sought after by the strongest Sativa lovers. Smoke a Jack Herer CBDoobie in the morning to start your day off with that extra boost!

CBDoobie O.G. Kush 60mg

CBDoobie’s O.G. KUSH:  This Indica dominant strain is a classic favorite for smokers everywhere.  The woody, pine, and sour lemon undertones of this strain will leave your mind and mouth craving more. O.G. Kush terpenes mixed with our blend of holistic herbs is sure to leave you in a relaxed and euphoric mood! Smoke a OG Kush CBDoobie before bed to give you that relaxed feeling for a great night of sleep!

CBDoobie Strawberry Diesel 60mg

CBDoobie’s Strawberry Diesel:  A true hybrid which gives the best of both worlds between Indica and Sativa Strains.  Strawberry Diesel gives off a fruity scent with the strong taste of New York City Diesel.  If you are having a bad day, or simply want to get in a better mood, than the Strawberry Diesel CBDoobie is the one for you!

CBDoobie Super Lemon Haze 60mg

CBDoobie’s Super Lemon Haze: Sweet and zesty blend of citrus notes and is one of the most difficult strains to grow.  Its energy effects are unparalleled causing it to be one of the strongest sativa strains in the world. Smoke a Super Lemon Haze CBDoobie for extra energy during the day or as a means to boost your creative mind.